Alabama Cutting Board

Featured in The Blast Off Box

Hi, I'm Nicholas!

Born and raised in Alabama, I always enjoyed building things, especially out of wood. Over the years of accumulating bits of skill here and there, I have decided to put it to good use building unique and beautiful works of art. Every piece has a story to tell as each one is handcrafted by me right here in Huntsville, Alabama. From unique cutting boards, chopping blocks and food prep, to wall art, clocks and catch all trays. Making unique pieces that last a lifetime and bringing smiles to people is what Alabama Cutting Boards is all about. 
I source my wood from local suppliers in North Alabama and Tennessee. Sticking with the best quality raw material is always my first priority. Once a product type is selected and a design settled on, we then produce a 3d render using a computer aided design application. This 3D image is then approved by the customer and production can begin. The product is then sanded, quality checked and finished. Finally, delivery to a happy customer!

As a local maker, what does it mean to you to be part of a flourishing community in Huntsville?  

Serving the local community in designing specialty items that give a node to the history of Huntsville and are of the highest quality.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Nicholas!