Brennan Wise Designs

Featured in The Bloom Box

Hi, I'm Brennan!

I was born in Huntsville, and after graduating college I tried to find another city to call home. After very quickly realizing that nothing compares to this fast growing town, I knew my purpose was rooted here. I find myself drawn to the people in this city, and I love the support that local, small businesses receive from the community. Abstract art, house commissions and seasonal home pieces are just a small token of my appreciation that I can give back to the people who have shaped me!

I would say that there are three things that allow me to be an artist - my ability to feel the light around me, a heart made to love others, and a constant need for creativity. It was never something I planned or dreamed about as a child, but it has exceeded every expectation and dream I could have imagined. Being able to take something as simple as a piece of wood, and turn it into a sentimental reminder perched on a window in someone's home gives me all the motivation I need to get through life’s seasons.

I have always been referred to as the “creative” child/friend/student, and from the earliest memories I have, I've always needed an outlet to create something. What seemed so insignificant to me at the time has now shaped my everyday life, and my love for people has amplified my calling. I enjoy knowing that the piece I am working on will be in someone's home for a lifetime. The things we keep on our walls and around our homes define who we are in a sense. That inspires me to create things that will invite happiness, joy, peace, and even conversation into a space.

What do you love most about being a Huntsville maker?

THE PEOPLE! I cannot say enough about the way Huntsville loves the people in this city. I have been supported from the second I announced my business opening, and since then I have been overcome with the amount of love I have received from the people here. Local businesses are respected, looked highly upon and loved by Huntsvillians. And to make things even better, there's such a strong support system within the local makers of this city that lifts each other up and inspires them to be great.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Brennan!