Dos Amigos Salsa / Jala Jala

Featured in the All Fired Up Box

Hi, I'm Rich!

In 2017, I started working with Jay Short at Jala Jala and handled all sales. Unfortunately, Jay suddenly passed away and the business was closed for a while. Last October, myself along with my partner Clint Plant purchased the recipes and trademarks. I always knew the products we produced were products people would love. Jay was that kind of person - he made products people would love. Our products are small batch, hand stirred. In most cases, when people taste our products, they fall in love with them. We also began Dos Amigos Salsa after a beloved Mexican restaurant in the Huntsville area closed their doors, and are proud to continue offering Jay's Jala Jala recipes under the brand. For one great tasting way to use our featured Fire Red Jalapeno Jelly, take a look at one of our favorite recipes featuring Alabama's own Conecuh sausage that's great for grilling too.

What's your favorite part about being a Huntsville maker? 

You feel like you are giving a great tasting product that consumers like. Makes you proud to say you are from Huntsville area when you ship all over the US.

Thanks for supporting makers like Rich!