Goat Island Sauces

Featured in the All Fired Up Box

Hi, I'm Gary!

I've always loved to cook and experiment with flavor combinations. I started making sauces for my own use, and all my friends and family told me I should make and market them to sell. It started as a hobby, and grew into a small business. I've since developed four different flavored sauces - Tropic Thunder, Macho Mango, Panama Peach, and Baa B Que. Check out some tasty ways you can try using the Tropic Thunder sauce featured in the All Fired Up box here
For me, I love wings. Especially tailgating or grilling with good friends. Tropic Thunder makes great wings, and I also love to use it on grilled shrimp skewers.

As a local area maker, I really enjoy meeting interesting people and being involved with local events. I love it when I see people enjoying their food and having fun. 

Why Goat Island? 

The Goat Island Sauce name was inspired by Goat Island on the Tennessee River - I can see Goat Island from my house.

Thanks for supporting makers like Gary!