Jordyn Brummett

Featured in The Bloom Box

Hi, I'm Jordyn!

My story begins on a small-town farm in Central Illinois where I spent my summer days making mud pies and sand paint. My sisters and I would get messy creating whatever our imaginations could come up with. My love for art began in my early days of school & led me to get a BFA in Art Education where I fell in love with the ceramic process. While falling in love with ceramics, I was simultaneously falling in love with my husband, Jerod. We married, moved cities, and I was ready to start my career…or so I thought.
Motherhood came by surprise and my career came to a stop before it even really got started. My plans were put on pause for the greatest two joys of my life: Aria (4) and Evelyn (2). A few years later, I realized I had given up an important part of myself, which left me feeling lost. I began to create again out of desperation to feel whole again.
Now, still in the thick of motherhood, I fill those fringe hours getting my hands dirty, making beauty out of the mud.. literally. I was destined to be a mother and artist. I have found that fully embracing each role has brought me to a sense of wholeness and peace. Motherhood enriches my creativity, as my creativity likewise enriches motherhood.

As a local maker, what does it mean to you to be part of a flourishing community in Huntsville?

My art practice has had a direct impact on my overall growth as a person. But none of this has happened alone. Shortly after returning to my art practice a couple of years ago, I began to meet with a small group of local artists. They have supported me through the most challenging times and have celebrated my biggest wins with me. They have spurred me on and without a local community, I'm certain I would not have grown in the ways I have.
The Huntsville community has been incredibly supportive of my work and cheering me on. I have found a wonderful group of local artists to support me and am always encouraged by the way Huntsville as a whole supports the arts.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Jordyn!