Katherine Cheree

Featured in the The Iconic HSV Box 

Hi, I'm Katherine!

I've always loved creating art and marketing. I had a BFA in graphic design, so I love using my small business as a creative outlet for both my digital and textile creations. I love being able to take one piece of art and use it to make multiple products. For the Huntsville Icons mug, I started out with sharpie drawings which I then scanned into photoshop and pieced together to create the panoramic cityscape.

What do you enjoy most about being a Huntsville maker?

Historically, Huntsville has been dominated by jobs in STEM. Recently however, the city of Huntsville has been promoting programs to support local artists and foster our own unique art scene. It is fun to be a creative in a city of rocket scientists! Over the past ten years, I've seen the local art scene in Huntsville flourish because of the help and support artists lend to each other in the community. The Local Flourish Co boxes are a unique representation of this because the thoughtfully curated boxes of local artist's handy work compliment each product inside. 

Thanks for supporting local makers like Katherine!