Katie Calvert Art & Design

Featured in the Welcome Home Box

Hi, I'm Katie!

I always wanted to be an artist as a kid, but as I grew up I became afraid I would not be able to be successful as a fine artist. In college I took painting courses and earned a degree in Graphic Design, and after working as a graphic designer for a decade and becoming a stay at home mom, I still felt the pull to my oil paints. I began painting during nap times once again and count it as my happy place. I absolutely love when I am able to create products that combine my love of painting with my graphic design skills to create products that are meaningful and beautiful that I can share with others.


How did you create your featured tea towel?

Don’t you LOVE eating fresh local produce when it’s in season? This project was born when I found myself wishing I had a knowledge of what fruits and vegetables were in season ahead of my trip to the local farmer’s market, so I could start meal planning based on what I found there.   I hand painted each piece of produce individually in oil, digitally scanned them in, and organized them into these gorgeous produce charts. I consulted with seasonal guides such as the USDA farmer’s schedules for Alabama to ensure accuracy.   I hope you experience a renewed excitement about shopping your local farmer's markets or for buying fresh produce in season! And the pretty design will add some fresh joy to your kitchen as well.

What do you enjoy most about making? 

I love the investigative process of coming up with a new idea that will benefit or bless someone. For these tea towels, that included not only sketches but also researching and comparing lists of seasonal produce to make sure my charts were accurate. I loved painting each piece as mini works of art and found it relaxing. And the joy of sitting back and seeing my vision come to life is hard to beat.

What's the best part about being a Huntsville maker?

I love the community I've found among other makers, the understanding we have for each other as artists and the general support rather than competition has been lovely.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Katie!