Kindred Creek Farms

Featured in The Huntsvillian Box

Hi, I'm Daniel!

Each of my pieces is made by mixing some technology, hand tools and sweat. I've always enjoyed woodworking, and started selling items after family and friends begin asking for different custom products. I enjoy crafting while my children are flowing in and out of our garage. This allows me to be present in their outdoor play while also allowing them to learn some of the basics of woodworking. There's something fulfilling about the process of taking a project from beginning to end and seeing the finished product, especially when I get to use locally sourced wood.

The Kindred Creek name comes from my parents' property just outside Huntsville on Keel Mountain where we grow a large garden along with raising sheep, goats, and ducks. It's pretty neat to work with the variety of fellow makers we have in the Huntsville area.

Thanks for supporting makers like Daniel!