Simply Sugared Bakery

Hi, I'm Heather!

I am a Certified Cottage Baker, and work out of my home here in North Alabama.  My love of decorating cookies for family started my adventure into professional baking. I began as a means to supplement my family's income, and after my divorce, with community support, it became a means to provide for my family, especially through Covid.Now I get to make beautifully decorated delicious sugar cookies and other sweets for you! My creations include custom decorated sugar cookies, cake pops, cookie cakes, hot chocolate cocoa bombs, coffee creamer bombs, espresso bites, and other custom chocolate treats using high quality chocolate. As a Huntsville maker, I have come to love the community that I have gotten to know and become a part of!

As a local maker, what does it mean to you to be part of a flourishing community in Huntsville? 

Bringing the community together to support one another while enjoying local creators/makers craft and goods!

Thanks for supporting local makers like Heather!