South and Pine

Featured in The Take Heart Box

Hi, I'm Meghann!

South and Pine has been open in Madison for about 3 years. But this past year, I started making reed diffusers because not all of our customers could have our custom candles in their homes for various reasons. And there are even some rooms in your home that you might want a nice smell, but you might not want to remember or tend to a candle. I saw the need and wanted to find an alternative for those customers and started teaching myself how to make reed diffusers.
Once I mastered the technique, I sourced the beautiful containers, designed the branding and then created 4 scents to be a part of our first release at the shop. The different scents are all about finding the right balance to have a scent with depth that tells a story and gives you a feeling when you smell it. Once the precise measurements of the liquid are all combined and the diffuser is ready, the hardest part is sometimes coming up with the name! I always want the name to invoke the feeling of the scent while you smell it, so it's just as important as the smell itself.

As a local maker, what does it mean to you to be part of a flourishing community in Huntsville?  

I love having a brick and mortar shop right in Downtown Madison on Main Street. Having South and Pine be a part of the community on a daily bases and connecting with people locally means so much to me.I graduated from High school in Madison and now my kids go to Madison City schools. It's very full circle. I believe in this community and love being a part of it. Because I create our reed diffusers with custom scents and hand make them all in the shop, it is a joy each time someone takes one home. It's a little piece of me and South and Pine that becomes a part of their home. 

Thanks for supporting local makers like Meghann!