Tiny Tokens Company

Featured in The Grow Box

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I found myself wanting to have a tangible way to encourage those around me. Whether it was my kids’ teacher, someone walking through a hard diagnosis, or a friend that that I wanted to shower with love, how could I give them a tiny token of encouragement and joy? Thus, the beginning of Tiny Tokens!
Now, we design cards for all walks of life! Weddings, teacher gifts, best friends, graduations, loss, and more. The cards are all paired with dainty necklaces that the recipients can wear as a reminder that they are seen and loved!

As a local maker, what does it mean to you to be part of a flourishing community in Huntsville?

I love living in an area that’s so rich with diverse talent! To Tiny Tokens, flourishing means to be a part of a movement that spreads love, kindness, and thankfulness amongst those we reach. Being an encouraging maker is a joy-filled way to contribute to our community.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Sarah!