86 & Everette Artisan Bakery & Jam Co.

Hi, I'm Ashley!

My MawMaw Emmidee instilled a great love of home making into me as a young child. We spent our summers running up and down a dirt path in the garden between our home and hers. Every summer we had a garden. She canned till her little heart was content to care for the needs of her family during those winter months. 


As a young child, I was intrigued by the process of my grandmother's day. She worked her entire life inside her home.  Her days were filled with creativity of home-cooked meals, and gardening. I've spent many nights in her front porch snapping green beans and canning them with her the next day. She taught me these skills at a young age.


By nature, I'm a creative. I began in 2015 as a vendor at a market, Vintage Pickin. I felt very insecure of my booth design, until a complete sell out. It was amazing, and gave me the bug. Somewhere around the 5th show, I thought it would be fun to carry some homemade jams I had canned. You know, just for the summery design my booth needed. Well, low and behold I sold out. People started asking for my jam on a regular basis, and a business was grown in that moment. God has continued to allow me to grow as a person, and and entrepreneur as time has passed.


I travel with my 1960 Rover camper named Thelma to various markets and sell my homemade jams. I enjoy the business, but most of all I enjoy the smiles, hugs, and the feelings jam gives to my customers. A homemade canned item takes you back to such a slower pace of life. It takes you back to MawMaws kitchen, where there is always fresh biscuits and sweet tea.


What inspires you to keep creating?

I've been married for 13 years, and together my husband and I have a son named Hatcher. He's quite the business man as well. He travels to the markets and sells his "famous" lemonade, and helps his Mom sell jam. He adores people.


I'm a hairdresser of 14 years by day. I have a little studio outside our home where I care for my clients. Creativity flows in all aspects of my life. Home design is also a love of mine. Our home was featured in the Country Christmas edition of Cottage Journal in 2020. I have an extreme love of vintage items. Our home is adorned with many vintage finds that tell a story, and each of my jams come with a unique piece of vintage silverware. I love the small details of creativity.


Special thanks to Ashley for opening up her stunning home and for her full heart of hospitality for our product shoot!


Thanks for supporting local makers like Ashley!