Embrace Candles

Featured in the Heart & Soul Box and Adore Box

Hi, we're the Ledesmas!

We always wanted to create something together. We explored all our passions and couldn't really find one that we wanted to do as a business. Then one day Gabe realized that there were about 5 candles burning in different rooms of the house. Something he'd never noticed before and just took the pleasant effect of candles for granted. A short discussion and a DIY candle kit later, we embraced the idea. We knew that this would be something we would both enjoy making, using, and selling. We are settling into being known as the "candle couple".

We love that we both get to flex our creative natures together. For Sara, exploring different aromas is a similar experience to wine tasting, except she's making the wine! The art of making candles by hand takes great focus and care. She finds it very relaxing to be able to put on music and zone-out when she is in the candle studio.

For Gabe, it is an opportunity to use all the skills and knowledge that he has acquired over professional career as a multimedia designer. Everything from sales, social media marketing, networking, brand design, product design, and web design are just a few of the responsibilities that he has taken on. He finds every role challenging and fun.

What do you love most about being a Huntsville maker?

Huntsville is a very social community. The people here love to get out and try new things. An inquisitive and curious atmosphere when starting something new is encouraging. Without a doubt, the nature of Huntsville, is the number one reason we have achieved success in such a short time.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Sara and Gabe!