Luna Moth Candles

Hi, I'm Lyndsey!

Huntsville is my hometown. You always say you won't move back home until you do! Luna Moth Candles all started three years ago as Christmas gifts, because I always like to come up with something new that is homemade. It continued as mostly a hobby for over a year.
I have always enjoyed exploring antique and thrift stores and this gave me a way to be creative with the pieces I found - and honestly, to keep me from hoarding them all! I have always found the process therapeutic and it was something I would turn to when I was feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It helps me to slow down and focus on something else, while being creative and imaginative.
Now I am able to give that same energy to someone else when they burn their candle, and both creating and enjoying the creation have brought joy and relaxation. While I began to give them as gifts, slowly there was interest to buy them, so I decided to start selling at the farmers market - and it has just continued to grow from there!
I love the community and 'market family' that I've grown to know; that has been the true joy of making it into a business! It has felt incredible to be supported and embraced by not only my friends and family, but the community that I grew up in. I love that I am able to connect to and support this community in ways I wouldn't otherwise be able to.

What makes a Luna Moth Candle so special?

When you burn a Luna Moth Candle, you are giving new life to a unique, thrifted vessel - and instead of another item ending up in a landfill, you'll have a piece you can reuse or refill when you're finished! Not only are you helping the environment, you're burning and breathing a candle that is made from all-natural ingredients. They're good for you as well as our beautiful earth.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Lyndsey!