Native Petals

Featured in the Simply the Best Box 

Hi, I'm Taylor!

Everyone has a story that goes along with flowers, a color or smell that sends them back to their grandmother's house when they were young. We all have common ground when it comes to flowers, and I cherish hearing those stories from the receiving end. Those genuine reactions are what motivate me to continue spreading blooms around my community.
I was born and raised in Huntsville. I grew up gardening every weekend with my mother - we always had the most beautiful yard on the street! When my husband joined the Coast Guard, we left town for our first assignment and I was ecstatic to finally run away from my hometown. I spent 22 years of my life itching to leave, and when I finally did all I wanted to do was come back! Four years and a baby later, we decided to end our contract with the military and come home.
I have always been drawn to flowers, but this past year I felt a dire need to find something to ground myself. I needed something to pour my passion into that kept myself and my family in tune with nature, and to stay clear of the hustle and bustle of a normal, every day 9-5 lifestyle. Farming and then creating a beautiful floral arrangement full of flowers you grew yourself is a different kind of satisfaction. Creating dried florals as part of that process offers up a feeling of gratitude to be able to enjoy locally sourced flowers in the winter months when nothing else is blooming nearby, and excitement to have florals that can be kept and cherished forever after they have been given to them by a loved one!
I have watched this town turn into something spectacular, and it took me leaving for a short period to recognize the greatness this city has to offer. The community of small businesses and the loyalty of the people surrounding them are what make what we do possible. It has been amazing serving my hometown and I'm honored to say I am a HSV native. 

Thanks for supporting local makers like Taylor!