Pizzelle's Confections

Featured in the Simply the Best Box & the Celebrate Box

Hi, we're Caitlin & Michelle!

Our small batch, fine chocolates are hand decorated works of edible art! We make everything in-house using local ingredients whenever possible at our shop at historic Lowe Mill in Huntsville.

Having a chocolate and confections shop was a lifelong dream that we've been living now for over 7 years. Michelle wanted a candy shop ever since she was a child and was obsessed with the 1970s Willy Wonka movie. We wanted to combine the culinary world with art, and chocolate is our medium of expression.

We love it when customers are ready for an experience, not just a purchase - customers who are willing to taste something new and unexpected, who trust us as culinary artisans to introduce them to a new flavor that might become their new favorite.

What do you love most about being Huntsville makers?

Huntsville is such a unique town, known for rockets and engineering. But it has a thriving artistic world as well. I love that we are quite eclectic in our communities. We have people from all over and from different backgrounds. We love being able to combine the science aspects of culinary work with our chocolates and desserts.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Caitlin & Michelle! 

(Photo by Ashley Vaughn of White Rabbit Studios)