The Simply the Best Box

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Curated exclusively for the blushing bride who loves all things local. Minimum 3 box order; may be combined with the Celebrate box. Please allow 2 weeks for your order to be customized.

Bath Salts | Facial Toner | Glass Candle | Silk Pillowcase | Pressed Floral Frame | Truffles
Also Included:
  • Hand lettered notecard
  • Engraved wooden gift tag + ribbon
  • Complimentary local delivery
A luxurious way to let you your Maid of Honor, Mother, Mother-in-Law, or other special member of your wedding party know just how much their role in your celebration means to you! Exquisitely curated to feature some of Huntsville's finest wares from six local makers. Select your semi-custom collection with your choice of scent, framed floral pressing or earrings, and hand lettered flat notecard. Custom engraved wooden gift tag and ribbon included; wording finalized after purchase.

EH Styles | Levezah Silk Pillowcase More than a comfortable sleep and an elegant look, this luxuriously soft and smooth, hand sewn silk pillowcase helps prevent wrinkles and hair breakage, causing less friction against hair and skin. Silk fabric does not absorb moisture as cotton does, which helps to keep skin and hair hydrated. Plus, this naturally breathable fabric keeps body temperature balanced too. Fits a standard 20"×23" pillow.

Native Petals | Framed Custom Floral Pressing, optional selection Turn wedding florals into a keepsake that can be displayed forever! Use the enclosed 4x6 frame and certificate to put bridal florals in the flower press at Native Petals and have them framed in a beautiful transparent case. Native Petals must be contacted two weeks prior to the ceremony to schedule bouquet pickups. Brides purchasing 3 or more Simply the Best boxes with the floral pressing selection will receive a small complimentary bride's bouquet pressing.

ShopMOSS | Rose Quartz or White Icicle Earrings, optional selection Let someone know just how special they are with these exquisitely handcrafted, lightweight clay earrings. The Rose Quartz style can be worn two ways: as floral studs only, or with detachable gold hoops with peachy crystals. Or alternatively, choose the White Icicle style that's assembled with a crystal center for the perfect amount of sparkle. 

Back Porch Studios | Eucalyptus Mint or Lavender & Laurel, 8 oz. glass jar Hand-poured 100% soy two-wick candle with cotton wick. Eucalyptus Mint features a renewing spa blend of fresh eucalyptus mint with a hint of patchouli and cedar wood. Lavender & Laurel is a powdery, calming mix of bay laurel, lavender and rosemary. 

Remedy Herbs | Rose Glow Facial Toner, 4 oz Artisan distilled Rose Glow Facial Toner created to improve the elasticity and tone of the skin; highly rich in antioxidants for complete hydration, ideal for all skin types; reduces the appearance of pores while smoothing and eliminating fine lines.

Lavender Wynde Farm | Lavender or Breathe Right Bath Salts Unwind and destress with a choice of luxurious Lavender or eucalyptus-based Breathe Right therapeutic salt to revive the body and mind with a soak in the tub. Includes a combination of Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, and cornflower. Epsom salt is made of hydrating magnesium and sulfate to sooth muscles. Himalayan salt is one of the purest forms of salt to replenish, soothe, and hydrate the skin.

Pizzelle's Confections | Truffles, Box of 2, assorted Enjoy the Pizzelle’s experience with these edible works of art - pure luxury from their artistic decoration to their delicious flavor. Hand-crafted in small batches with fine, fair-trade Felchlin chocolate. Flavors may vary depending on the season; vegan options available.

Sparrow & Key | Wooden Gift Tag This sister-duo is the team behind our selection of custom engraved wooden gift tags, offering your choice of your recipient's name, "Thank You," or "With love."

Flourish Handlettering | Hand Lettered Notecard An extra thoughtful touch from our founder's own hand crafted designs with your choice of expression.