Born & Raised Candle Co.

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Hi, I'm Loni

I have never really considered myself as creative or artistic. I'm much more meticulous, preferring the structure of a science class over the daunting fluidity of art. That's where candle making comes to me really beautifully- it's a world where I can stretch myself creatively while sticking to the rigidity of the craft.
I discovered candle making on a whim in 2020, in a time when I felt like I didn't know what I was "supposed to be when I grow up." After taking over a year to learn the process I was ready to launch, but I knew I needed a "why" behind the "what."
I can tend to be melancholic, wallowing in nostalgia. But I don't think that's a bad thing, because life is full of so many wonderful stories meant to be reflected on and shared. Places, foods, songs and even smells can take us back to a memory, a distinct moment in time. That's what I wanted BORN & RAISED to represent: the warmth of a humid summer night; gathering with loved ones at Christmas; falling in (or out) of love; an unforgettable view of the vast ocean from some faraway land. I knew there could be a point of connection because of the meaning of these scents, that I had a story (or a lot of stories!) to tell. It's always such a pleasure to interact with people when I sell at markets and they can resonate with the meaning of the candle.
Candle making is a detailed, but also fairly simple process. Melt, stir, pour, and boom - candles! But there's so much that goes into making a GOOD candle. I wanted to put in the time and energy to make sure my candles don't burn too quick or too slow, so that there's not any wax leftover when it's done burning. I want a strong scent throw without making a dangerous imbalance of ingredients. I want to use safe scents and a good quality wax, so it's a little more high end than what you might find at the grocery store. My favorite part is finding and blending unique scents unlike what you might have at home already.

As a local maker, what does it mean to you to be part of a flourishing community in Huntsville?  

I think flourishing has a lot to do with the environment. Being a one-woman-show (and a first-time mom as of June 2022!) as a maker is HARD, but I know that I'm not truly alone. Every time I show up at a market I am reminded that there are so many great folks in our local maker scene who hustle hard and help harder! This maker community is not a place of competition, but a place for camaraderie. Since I realized that, my time as a local maker has only gotten sweeter.

Thanks for supporting local makers like Loni!