EH Styles

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Hi, I'm Eliana!

With a passion for designing and creating, I started my business EH Styles, creating a fashion collection and doing alterations for all types of clothing. As my business grew, I started specializing in bridal design and alterations which is what I love doing the most. Working with fine fabrics, I learned more and more about the benefits of wearing natural silk and found it fascinating. That is when I got inspired and decided to make my own little collection of silk items, called Levezah. I chose this name for my collection inspired by Leveza do Campo (translated to lightness of the fields, this is the name given to dandelions in Portuguese, my original language). I thought the word leveza represented well the light, airy, and soft surface of the natural silk fabric.

What do you love most about making?

I love the satisfaction of having a beautiful finished product after all the hard work and fun process of making what I imagined come to reality. It's brings me a lot of joy to to express myself through my art and seeing people loving the work I do.

Thanks for supporting makers like Eliana!